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002-Brown Bear in the Wild.jpg

003-Yikes!! He heard the camera click!!.jpg

004-Alaska from 35,000 feet.jpg

005-Alaska from 35,000 feet, almost there!.jpg

006-The Alaska Railroad.jpg

007-The Alaska Railroad.jpg

008-Alaska Railroad, Anchorage to Seward.jpg

009-Alaska Railroad, Anchorage to Seward.jpg

010-Alaska Railroad, Anchorage to Seward.jpg

011-Alaska Railroad, Anchorage to Seward.jpg

012-Alaska Railroad, Anchorage to Seward.jpg

013-Alaska Railroad, Anchorage to Seward.jpg

014-Alaska Railroad, Anchorage to Seward.jpg

015-Alaska Railroad, Anchorage to Seward.jpg

016-Alaska Railroad, Anchorage to Seward.jpg

017-Alaska Railroad, Anchorage to Seward.jpg

018-Alaska Railroad, Anchorage to Seward.jpg

019-Alaska Railroad, Anchorage to Seward.jpg

020-Alaska Railroad, Anchorage to Seward.jpg

021-Alaska Railroad, Anchorage to Seward.jpg

022-Exit Glacier, Seward Alaska.jpg

023-Exit Glacier, Seward Alaska.jpg

024-Float Plane and Fishing Excursion.jpg

025-Float Plane, Wheres That Flight Attendant.jpg

026-Landing in the Lake Clark Preserve.jpg

027-From Float Plane to Fishing Hole.jpg

028-The Fishing Cove, Straight Ahead.jpg

029-Bear Viewing in the Cove.jpg

030-Bear Viewing in Alaska.jpg

031-Bear Viewing in Alaska.jpg

032-Bear Viewing .jpg

033-Bear Viewing .jpg

034-Bear Viewing from a Boat .jpg

035-Bear Viewing from a Boat.jpg

036-Bears Fishing.jpg

037-Bear Fishing.jpg

038-Fishing in Alaska With Bears.jpg

039-Fishing in Alaska With Bears.jpg

040-Fishing in Alaska - A Co-ed Sport.jpg

041-Fishing in Alaska with Bears.jpg

042-Fishing in Alaska with Bears.jpg

043-Bear Viewing.jpg

044-Bear Viewing.jpg

045-Nothing Biting Yet.jpg

046-Yikes- I Think I Have One .jpg

047-Bear Viewing.jpg

048-Bear Viewing.jpg

049-Bear Viewing.jpg

050-Bear Viewing.jpg

051-Bear Viewing.jpg

052-Bear Viewing.jpg

053-Don't Hit The Bear With Your Cast.jpg

054-Fishing With Bears.jpg

055-Done Fishing.jpg

056-Going Home.jpg

057-Come On Kids-Let's Go Home. .jpg

058-Bear and Two Cubs.jpg

059-People Viewing By Bears In Alaska.jpg

060-Getting a Running Start.jpg

061-Playful Cubs.jpg

062-Wow-I Really Did Catch A Fish.jpg

063-High Fives from the Guide.jpg

064-Posing With Her Catch.jpg

065-Lots More Salmon Where That One Came From.jpg

066-Tons of Salmon.jpg

067-Heading Back to the Float Plane.jpg

068-Oh Good-The Float Plane is Still Here.jpg

069-Which Would You Prefer-Aisle or Window.jpg

070-View from the Float Plane.jpg

071-View of Glacier from Float Plane.jpg

072-View of Glacier from Float Plane.jpg

073-Flying Over the Glacier.jpg

074-View of Glacier from Float Plane.jpg

075-View of Glacier from Float Plane.jpg

076-Did Someone Forget to Turn Off the Ice Maker.jpg

077-Flying Above Blue Ice.jpg

078-Blue Ice Below.jpg

079-Bear and 3 Cubs from Float Plane.jpg

080-Bear and 3 Cubs.jpg

081-Bear and 3 Cubs.jpg

082-Mama Bear Taking a Stand to Protect Cubs.jpg

083-And Away They Go.jpg

084-Bear Playground-No Fences.jpg

085-Come On Kids-Keep Up.jpg

086-Sow With 3 Cubs-Triplets are Unusual.jpg

087-Water Runway Straight Ahead.jpg

088-If We Could Just Clear Those Tree Tops.jpg


090-Float Plane Base.jpg

091-Barbara and Lawton; Back on Solid Ground.jpg

092-Moose In The Water Along Highway.jpg

093-Cruise Ship in Seward Harbor.jpg

094-Todays Catch at Seward.jpg

095-Alaska Fireweed In Full Bloom.jpg

096-Alaska Railroad in Seward Harbor.jpg

097-Seward Alaska.jpg

098-Cruise Ships in Seward Harbor.jpg

099-Seward Small Boat Harbor.jpg

100-Seward Alaska.jpg

101-Yes-There Is Ice Cream In Seward.jpg

102-Home of the Annual Silver Salmon Derby.jpg

103-Seward Small Boat Harbor.jpg

104-Seward Small Boat Harbor and Cruise Ship Terminal.jpg

105-Sailing from Seward Southbound to Vancouver.jpg

106-Sailing from Seward Southbound to Vancouver.jpg

107-Sailing from Seward.jpg

108-Sailing Along Coastal Alaska.jpg

109-Sailing Coastal Alaska.jpg

110-Sailing Coastal Alaska.jpg

111-Glacier in the Distance.jpg

112-Enjoying the View from a Balcony Cabin.jpg

113-Approaching Hubbard Glacier.jpg

114-Glacier in Yukatat Bay.jpg

115-Hubbard Glacier-Alaska's Largest Tidewater Glacier.jpg

116-Hubbard Glacier.jpg

117-Hubbard Glacier.jpg

118-Glacier Calving.jpg

119-Glacier Calving.jpg

120-Glacier Calving.jpg

121-Glacier Calving.jpg

122-Hubbard Glacier on a Sunny Day.jpg

123-Glacier Calving.jpg

124-Waves from Calving Glacier.jpg

125-Hubbard Glacier at Its Finest.jpg

126-Lawton and Barbara in Skagway.jpg

127-Back Yard of an Alaskan Redneck.jpg

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